Not That You Need It…




The weather is turning colder (albeit very slowly!) and what little moisture there was in this dry Colorado air has been sucked out completely! But that’s not the only thing losing moisture – we are walking around like little raisins in our parched, dry skin. That’s why I’m giving a shout out to the oil that gets me through this dry, arid weather.

Frankly, it was born of desperation!

With all the skin issues that I’ve had in my life, I’m unable to use the fancy creams and serums that my friends use. Although, I can’t say that I’m missing anything! As well, I was looking for something that wouldn’t blow my budget and some of these well-made products are ridiculously out-of-reach!

“Permanent Press” 

The story behind “Permanent Press” facial oil may strike close to home for some of you out there. I used to have one of those hideous magnifying mirrors. I would gaze intently (nay…obsessively) at the burgeoning flaws in my familiar visage. Until one day, I got a little too close to my chin and my mother popped right out of that mirror! Now, I’ve had instances where my beloved mother has popped out of my mouth (as I’m saying things like, “Because I SAID so…” or “You’ll understand when you are older…” or the ubiquitous, “Wait until your dad gets home!”), but I’ve never seen this lady staring back at me in the mirror! But there it was, as big as day – or as big as a softball in my magnifying mirror – her chin! All the same lines, all the same wrinkles, the lips that if I pursed them just right gave me a spitting image! I decided that it was probably time to start investigating some skin care that I could safely use. I was combatting adult acne, the beginnings of rosacea, lines around my eyes and that chin! So after several weeks of research, “Permanent Press” was born! It’s made from many different oils, each meticulously researched and chosen for specific properties. I noticed that my face tone evened out and those little lines softened and I just looked generally better. Not to mention that I can now go without makeup and feel completely confident in my skin. I gave some to my friends and neighbors and it was an immediate hit. One even told me that a friend she hadn’t seen in months had recently asked her if she had work done on her face! What else can you say?

Every time I would bring a friend these little bottles of sunshine in a small brown paper bag, I’d say, “Not that you need it…but this is really good stuff! Try it out!” So that’s what we named the whole line of products, “Not That You Need It”.

If you would like to give it a try, we’ll include a large sample of “For Your Face” (and everywhere else!) tallow balm for free.

Just mention ‘Favorite Things’ when you order and we will include it. Each batch of oil is crafted to order so it takes a few days to get to you, but it’s worth it! Try out this affordable, impeccably sourced and researched oil – you won’t be sorry…not that you need it!