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Restoring Your Health

Your current health (or ‘dis-ease’) picture most likely is a result of a complex web of lifestyle, genetics, exposures, environment and even beliefs. This is one of the reasons why conventional medicine is ill-equipped to deal with complex disease states.

Well-intentioned practitioners simply do not have the time or the tools to tease out the myriad mechanisms that led you to your current state.

Functional medicine is a relatively new methodology for dealing with these complex states.  I apply this approach with the goal of addressing patient concerns as quickly as possible and in the most cost effective manner possible.

Functional MedicineFunctional MedicineMeet AndreaMeet Andrea
Discovering Your Health ‘Story’

As a functional medicine practitioner and clinical nutritionist, Andrea educates and advises patients on how to regain and maintain health and prevent illness through the use of specific nutrition counseling, lifestyle changes and targeted supplementation.

  • You are a 1000 piece puzzle. The pieces have been collected from the time your mother was carrying you to the current day. Unfortunately, they are a jumbled mess and some might even be missing.
  • Andrea will need to find and collect all the pieces in one place.
  • She will then assemble the pieces into a cohesive ‘story’. Your story! This will tell us not only how you got where you are but also how to unravel the knot and restore your health.

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